How to have your medical credentials source verified

You can have your international medical credentials source verified for Canadian use through your account.


Documents you can submit to the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) for source verification:

  • Medical degree/diploma
  • Medical degree transcript
  • Internship
  • Postgraduate training
  • Specialty certificate
  • Medical licence or registration

Documents that will not be accepted by the MCC:

  • Canadian medical credentials
  • Letters of employment or work experience
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Certificate or letters of ongoing training
  • Language training document
  • Statement of examination results
  • Curriculum vitae


    1. Log into your account. You will need to create an account if you do not already have one.
    2. Click Source Verification Requests on the left panel.
    3. Click Create a new SVR in the centre panel and follow the instructions on each page.
    4. Send copies of your medical credentials (including all required supporting documents and attachments, such as cover sheets) to the MCC as instructed.
    • Note: Do not send your original documents to the MCC. Your documents will not be returned to you, so it is important that you send regular (i.e., not certified) photocopies only.


You will need to create a new SVR for each medical credential you want to have source verified by the MCC. A fee is charged for each document you submit for source verification.

Once verified, your credentials will be stored in your account. You can access these documents to share with the medical regulatory authorities and other organizations registered with the MCC.

Note: If you send a copy of your medical credential without a completed and paid SVR, it will be destroyed 30 days after the date you started the SVR process.