Communicating with adolescents


A decision is reached about Kelsey’s management. Jennifer arranges for Kelsey to stay at the hospital hostel for a week during school break so that she can have an intensive daily initiation of treatment. She also speaks to the family therapist, Mr. Palentino, who agrees to try to work with Mrs. Cournoyer and Kelsey, if Kelsey is willing. Dr. Hofmeyer calls Dr. Burnside and they have a discussion about Dr. Burnside’s role in coordinating Kelsey’s care and following her progress. Dr. Hofmeyer suggests a monthly email or telephone call between them or when Dr. Burnside has concerns.

After Kelsey spends a week at the outpatient clinic, Dr. Burnside meets her and her mother for a follow up. Beth Cournoyer sees a clear improvement in her daughter’s behaviour and notes that she started gaining weight. The process is still at an early stage but Kelsey is on the right track. Dr. Burnside is positive about her case and confirms with Kelsey and Beth that Dr. Hofmeyer will keep tracking her weight every week. Dr. Burnside also confirms with Beth and Kelsey that they will be attending family therapy sessions with Mr. Palantino.