Consent and confidentiality

Part 3

  • Referral

  • Dr. Randall: So how are things with you and Mike?

    Janice: Better. I think counseling is really helping.

    Dr. Randall: Good, good. Now, we have to talk about who’s going to deliver this baby.

    Janice: Right.

    Dr. Randall: As you know I don’t do obstetrics anymore, so I’m going to have to refer you to a colleague. The person I’m thinking of is a specialist with high risk pregnancies.

    Janice: High risk? I thought you said with treatment everything was going to be all right.

    Dr. Randall: Oh yes, yes that’s all true, but this is a special case and it requires expertise and besides I think it’s wise to be as cautious as possible don’t you?

    Janice: Yeah.

    Dr. Randall: Good, so I’m going to set up an appointment and you two can meet and discuss things and if you’re not perfectly comfortable, then you and I will find someone else. Is that all right?

    Janice: Yeah, I would prefer it be you though.

    Dr. Randall: Thanks but, you know, I’m just getting too old for those middle of the night deliveries. Quite frankly, I just don’t have enough expertise with HIV. And besides, if you have any concerns you know you can always come and see me.

    Janice: Okay, thanks.

    Dr. Randall: Hey hang in there. It’s going to be all right.

    Janice: Yeah.

Dr. Randall calls his colleague to set up an appointment for Janice.

  • Dr. Randall: Elizabeth what’s going on? Are you cutting back on your practice?

    Elizabeth: No, not at all. Why?

    Dr. Randall: Well, you don’t usually turn me down but I’ve got a letter here that says that you’re not taking any new patients. Listen, you sound like you’re very busy but I do need a favor Liz. This is a lovely couple and they’re suffering a lot. I need to know that they’re being taken care of and frankly you’re the best.

    Elizabeth: Thanks. Is this the HIV case?

    Dr. Randall: Yeah, it is.

    Elizabeth: Oh…

    Dr. Randall: Tell me, it’s not about the HIV? It is about the HIV?

    Elizabeth: Being an obstetrician is risky enough Jerry, you know what are malpractices like nowadays. I just don’t think I can put myself or my other patients at risk. There must be someone in town who knows HIV and pregnancy.

    Dr. Randall: Fine, then give me a name.

    Elizabeth: I can’t think of anyone just now but I can ask around for you. Will that help?

    Dr. Randall: Sure. You’ve got more contacts than I do anyway.

    Elizabeth: Okay, I’ll get back to you with some names.

    Dr. Randall: Okay, thanks.

    Elizabeth: You’re welcome.

    Dr. Randall: Bye bye.

    Elizabeth: Bye.


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