Consent and confidentiality

Part 3

  • Referral

  • Dr. Randall: So Janice, how are things going with you and Mike?

    Janice: A lot better now … counselling is really helping.

    Dr. Randall: Good, the counselling is going well?

    Janice: Yeah …

    Dr. Randall: Good. Um, we have to discuss who’s going to deliver this baby.

    Janice: Right.

    Dr. Randall: As you know I don’t do obstetrics anymore so I’m going to have to refer you to a colleague. I have someone in mind who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.

    Janice: High risk? Well, I thought you said with treatment everything will probably be okay?

    Dr. Randall: Yeah, yeah, I do believe that everything is probably going to be okay, but this is a special situation and I think it requires expertise. I think it’s wise to be as cautious as possible, don’t you?

    Janice: Yeah.

    Dr. Randall: Okay. I’ll set up an appointment and you can meet and discuss things and if you don’t feel perfectly comfortable then you and I will find someone else. Is that alright?

    Janice: Yeah, but I would prefer it to be you, though.

    Dr. Randall: Well, I’m getting a little old for those middle of the night deliveries and quite frankly, I don’t have enough expertise on HIV. But I’m going to be here if you want to talk about anything. If you have any concerns, you know you can always come and see me.

    Janice: Thank you.

Dr. Randall calls his colleague to set up an appointment for Janice.

Dr. Randall: Elizabeth, what’s going on? You cutting back on your practice?

Dr. Colleague: No, not at all! Why?

Dr. Randall: You don’t usually turn me down but I’ve got a letter here suggesting my patient go somewhere else … says you’re not taking new patients at this time. Sounds like you may be too busy but I’d love a favour, Liz. This is a lovely couple and they’re really suffering. I want to know they’re being taken care of and you’re the best.

Dr. Colleague: Oh, thanks but … is this the HIV case?

Dr. Randall: Yeah it is.

Dr. Colleague: Oh. Hmmm …

Dr. Randall: Tell me it’s not about the HIV.

Dr. Randall: It is the HIV, isn’t it?

Dr. Colleague: Being an obstetrician is risky enough Jerry. You know what our malpractice is like now. I just don’t think I can put myself or my other patients at risk. There must be someone in town who knows HIV and pregnancy.

Dr. Randall: Okay, give me a name then.

Dr. Colleague: Well, I can’t think of anyone just now but I can ask around for you, will that help?

Dr. Randall: I guess so. You’d certainly get farther than I would.

Dr. Colleague: Okay, I’ll get back to you with some names.


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